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Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot

Deer-Tuff Fencing

A good option for containing deer in a paddock, or keeping deer out a garden.



Deer-Tuff Uses

  • Deer farming, deer exclusion or any deer management and control application.

  • All types Exotic Deer.

  • High fence ranch management.

  • Hunting ranches.

  • Airport & roadside protection.


Deer-Tuff Features

  • Fixed knot fence.

  • Pre-stripped rolls – (all of the stay-tuff fence rolls come with 18” of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll).

  • Heavy Duty galvanization.

  • Extra strong bottom and top wires.


The Deer-Tuff Advantage 

  • Impact-resistant strength – the knots will not unravel, break, or slide.

  • Won’t sag or stretch, even under snow/ice load or extreme temperature changes.

  • Resists rust & corrosion – lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence.

  • Resists predator penetration.

  • Saves money on materials – longer distances between posts as compared to standard low-tensile two-panel fence systems.

  • Saves money on labor costs – knots are stripped on both ends of the fence, ready to tie. Saves 20-30 minutes per roll.

Here are the different options when it comes to Deer-Tuff

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