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Our Product

Our Comittment to Quality

Our fencing company is committed to the highest standard of quality, and sustainability. Our goal is that the fences we put up would last you as long as is humanly possible! We only use the best materials and resources. In fact, we're constantly looking to improve how we do things to insure that you have the best product out there!


"A fence is only as strong as it's brace"

That's our belief, and so we make sure that our braces are as strong as possible. We drive our brace posts in the ground with a wood post driver, then we use a 2" galvanized brace pipe (that we believe will last forever) to brace the two posts together. We use high-tensile wire, wrapped around twice, and a high-tensile strainer to complete the brace system. This form of brace is used for our Stay-Tuff Fixed KnotHigh-Tensile, and Barb-Wire fences. 

Driving Wood Posts vs. Concrete

As stated above, we drive all of our wood posts into the ground with our post driver. This seems to be quite a bit stronger, and will last longer, then the traditional method of augering a hole and putting concrete around the post. 

Metal T-Posts

We use a heavy-duty T-Post that is 1.33lbs per foot which is heavier than the standard T-Post from Tractor Supply at 1.25lbs per foot.

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