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Board Fencing

We offer a wide variety of wood fence options, from a split rail fence to a 4 rail, 3 rail, or even 2 rail fences. 


Post Options

    •    4x6 treated wood post 

    •    6x6 treated wood post

    •    5"-6" round wood post


Rail Options

    •    2x6 (actual measurement is 1.5"x5.5") treated pine board

    •    A true 1"x6" treated pine board

    •    A true 1"x6" white oak board (when available) 


We space our posts between 7' and 8' apart, our board spacing varies depending on the type of fence it is. You also have an option to have a "cap" board that covers the joints in the rails on each post.


If you're interested in a split rail fence, contact us for more information. 

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