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Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot

Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot

This is our number one fence right now, and it's because Stay-Tuff fixed-knot is one of the best products on the market when it comes to field fence. It comes in a variety of styles for all different animal types. It's very adaptable, very durable, and has a long life-span.

Advantages of Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Field Fence

  • Heavy Duty Galvanization 

  • Economical – total construction cost is less than standard net wire with barbed wire.

  • Superior strength – 3 times stronger than standard net wire, hinged joint, or barbed wire fence.

  • Resists rust & corrosion – lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence.

  • Will remain tighter and won’t lose its shape.

  • Better able to absorb impact and maintains its tension even during severe temperature and climate changes.

  • Uses up to 40% less posts when compared to barbed wire so requires less labor time and is easier to install.

  • Impact resistant – the fence fabric gives with pressure and does not stretch out of shape.

  • Does not sag or squash down the way traditional hinged joint farm fence does.

  • Animals are unable to put their head through this fence.

  • Kinder to animals and less damage to the animal’s hide.

  • Superior design means that maintenance is negligible.

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