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Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot

Hog-Tuff Field Fence

A great option to keep hogs in or out of an area.



Hog-Tuff Uses

  • Stay-Tuff’s Hog-Tuff fixed-knot provides a new alternative to traditional hog fence or panels.

  • Feral Hog Control

  • Low fencing.

  • Apron fence for predators.

  • Add on for fence height.


Hog-Tuff Features

  • Fixed knot fence.

  • Pre-stripped rolls – (all of the stay-tuff fence rolls come with 18” of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll).

  • Heavy Duty galvanization.


The Hog-Tuff Advantage 

  • Woven fixed-knot fence fabric restricts escape or entry.

  • Stronger than 9 gauge hinge-joint field fence wire.

  • Knots do not move or lose grip with pressure from stock-hogs can’t “wallow” a hole in the fence fabric.

  • Longevity – 3 to 4 times the useful life compared to normal farm fence.

  • Won’t sag or squash with downward pressure.

  • Elasticity – bounces charging animals back like a trampoline without stretching out permanently.

  • Cost savings – post centers can be placed at a greater distance, reducing cost of construction.

Here are 5 different options when it comes to Hog-Tuff Fencing

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